I am an Emmy and Webby award-winning

Director, Designer, and Creator of immersive and interactive experiences.

My work is internationally acclaimed.

I like to dance and love hippos.


It was obvious that she would excel at any task. She creatively tackles challenges and consistently elevates experiences with passion, drive and boundless energy that is contagious.

- Tony Mayes, Lead Producer for Large Scale Installations, Events, Dance and Live Theatre

She is a self-starter who takes the initiative and goes well beyond what's required. She is both a leader and a team player. She is adventurous and open minded, always willing to throw herself into new experiences.

- Barry Siegel, Pulitzer Prize Winner

Searching for the perfect descriptors for Michaela Holland, the following come to mind: tenacious, intelligent, resourceful, insightful, creative, brave. She, of course, possesses all of these qualities in equal measure.

- Lynn Johnson, Photographer + Fellow National Geographic

Michaela ran circles around the other panelists and brought so much depth and nuance to the conversation.

-Philip Delvecchio, Women to the Front

previous Clients include

Royal Caribbean, Museum of Ice Cream, Two Goats Immersive Studio, TIME Magazine, Sports Illustrated, People, and more

career highlights

NYC Social Correspondent for No Proscenium

Odyssey Works Master Class Fellow 2019

THREAD at Yale Fellow and Scholarship Recipient 2019

Brain Jam Fellow for Games for Change 2019

Tribeca Film Festival Project Premiere 2019

CUNY Entrepreneurial Journalism Program Acceptance 2018

NYC Comic-Con Activation 2018

Sundance New Frontiers Preliminary Acceptance 2018

Sheffield Doc/Fest Commission Winner 2018

Sheffield Doc/Fest Grand Jury VR Winner 2018

Emmy for Outstanding Digital Innovation 2018

Webby for 360 Branded Video 2018

Sunset Magazine Project on Youtube's Best of VR Playlist 2018

TIME's 360 Degree Solar Eclipse Live from Casper, Wyoming. Garnered over 5 million views on Facebook and Youtube 2017

UC Irvine Magna Cum Laude Graduate 2016

Disneyland, SeaWorld, Legoland Guest Experience 2015-2016

Disney Cruise Line Guest Experience 2014

Defore Dance Scholarship Student 2012-2013


SpeakinG, panels, Writing

Guest Speaker on No Proscenium Podcast 2019

Contributing Writer to No Proscenium 2018-2019

AdMonsters Ops Conference: Creative Frontiers Panelist 2019

XR for Change Panelist 2019

NYC Women Filmmakers Panelist 2019

Sheffield Doc/Fest Panelist 2018

Alternate Realities Summit Panelist 2018

Women Focus Workshop Leader 2018

Northern Short Course Workshop Leader and Speaker 2018

UC Irvine Invited Alumni Speaker 2017

NYU Innovation in Journalism Panelist 2017-2018

Global Startup Ecosystem VR Summit Panelist 2019

Available to discuss

collaboration, consulting, production

Always open to

writing, speaking, and event opportunities